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Luxury Comfort Massage Recliner Chair BS-A82

Luxury Comfort Massage Recliner Chair BS-A82

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Detailed Product Description

This product is designed with a set of smart 3D mechanical hands, which can move up and down, stretching back and forth, four-wheel driven with muted design.·The shoulder art is designed with automatic detection and micro adjustment function; body curve and massage points automatic detection, it can automatically adjust the distance of massage hands' moving back and forth according to the detected body curve and massage points, to make the massage more humanistic and scientific.·Comfort, ease, ache relieve, fast experience, relax, music sync, waist stretch, Full air pressure and other specific massage functions.
·Set with two kinds memo massage functions M1 and M2.
·Manually select the upper body massage; three massage position options of overall, partial and fixed position; six massage methods of shoulder grasping, kneading, tapping, shiatsu, kneading & tapping and 3D; five massage speed levels available; under tapping and shiatsu massage status, the width of the massage hands can be adjusted in five levels.
·Arm air massage function (built-in 8 air bags), upper arm air massage function (built-in 4 air bags), with 3 intensity adjustments.
·Lower body air pressure massage function: back air pressure massage function (built-in 4 airbags), buttock air pressure massage (built-in 16 airbags), calf rest air pressure massage function (built-in 36 airbags), with 3 intensity adjustments.
·On upper arm has two grades width adjustment function When you adjust to the last grade, to push into the arm about a gear distance then lose your hand and arm device will automatically reset, and so on in order to adapt to the different Shoulder breadth of users.
·Back heating function, use carbon fiber as infrared heating source.
·The footrest can be extended to suit various heights.
·With slide rail structure on backrest, make a zero-space design to maximally save place.
·Calf rest lifting, backrest lifting and auto lying models adjustment.
·With negative oxygen ionizer on upper arm.
·Intelligent terminal (cell phone or tablet PC) control the massage chair by bluetooth.
·MP3 player function, upper arm built in 3D digital audio.
·Connect the smart device via blue tooth to play music .
·Auto massage program download.
·Place 8 natural energy magnet in calf air bags

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